Shower Doors with Panels

At American Frameless, we customize every shower we assemble. We work with the natural lines, light and flow of your room to create a personalized, unique shower design, accented with the hardware of your personal choosing. The ultimate in contemporary design, the hinged shower door will be customized to your individual shower, complementing the natural shapes with your choice of hardware and glass. The glass is available with polished edges, in a variety of textures, with tints, and privacy options, if a more private showering experience is preferred.

With hinged glass doors, you won’t feel boxed-in to a shower. The openness and modern lines will allow the bathroom’s natural morning light to shine through as you greet your day. Fully-customized to your bathroom’s individual needs, the shower doors can enhance your bathroom experience through beauty and cleanliness.

The hinged glass showcases the elegance of your bathroom, opening the space and providing a clean slate for your cleanest moments. These shower doors can sparkle, welcoming you into a pristine expanse without the clutter of curtains, which can harbor molds in addition to dating a bathroom design.

Hinged shower doors are not limited in the way slide-doors are, requiring additional space for the door placement. They can be installed as a front over existing three-walled showers. They can be designed two-sides, against a two-walled shower. They can even stand alone with three glass walls enclosing the flow of water from a one-walled shower design.

Handles can be added or hidden to best match your existing bathroom scheme, while the glass can be cut floor-to-ceiling or can leave a gap of space, depending upon the air flow and ventilation needs of the room. Hinges can be accentuated or minimized with intention, with larger roll wheels and lines, or minimized with more subtle bars and lines.

To see a rendering of how hinged shower doors will look in your bathroom, call us today and we’ll review all the options and make a customized design to enhance your space with modern elegance.

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