Concealed Supports

Concealed support glass fences provide the security of a fence, while preserving the beauty of your property. A Concealed support glass fence is simply a fence created from strong, tempered glass with supports under the grass, stone or ground-line, making the glass appear to hover in place. These fences usually have no connecting breaks between glass pieces, instead allowing a small gap between each glass panel.

These custom fences will not detract from the view of your property, keeping the vision line free and open. Landscaping and the open lines to a waterfront view will be enhanced by this natural glass design.

Glass fences have become increasingly popular for outdoor pools, as homeowners want to enjoy an unobstructed view of the cool ripples of pool waters, but also understand they must be in legal compliance with Connecticut law, by retaining a 4 foot (48 inch) fence around all external sides. Thankfully glass fences provide a way to preserve the flawless beauty of your property without putting your property in legal risk.

Consider the simplicity of concealed support Glass Fencing. Glass Fencing offers the legal and practical protection of fencing without detracting from the view. The glass is tough and tempered, designed to withstand abuse of the elements, accidental hits during lawn maintenance, temperature fluctuation, and human error. Backed by our own American Frameless craftsman warrantee, we will ensure the fence will last for years to come. It is easily cleaned with soap and water and is strong enough to support a glass gate entry, for a seamless look and ease of access.

Frosted or colored fence panels can add an extra design element to the glass fence, by seamlessly blocking unpleasant views, such as the neighbor’s house, while opening views of the yard and waterfront. Frosted panels can also section off an area to semi-privacy, such as a hot tub or changing area where seclusion is preferred.

If you would like to know more about how a glass fence can enhance the natural beauty of your property, call American Frameless today. We will work with you to create a customized fence that brings out the best in your yard, while offering you the practical safety and convenience of fencing.

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