February 24, 2019

Adorn Your Guest Bath with the Brilliance of Architectural Glass

When we invite guests to share our home for the holiday or a special visit, we are welcoming them into our lives. We are surrounding them with intimate aspects of ourselves, our personalities, and our styles. We are giving them warmth and experiences that we hope they will carry home with them, through fond memories and appreciation. A large part of this guest experience is in the guest room and guest bath.

A guest bath must be functional, easy to keep clean, and elegant. Unlike a hotel, your guest should be given a warm feeling, with the cleanliness expected in a professional environment. Your guest should feel functionally at home, while still being treated with comforts beyond their expectations. Over the past 50 years, remodeling hundreds of guest bathrooms, we’ve come to respect the line of warmth and function required. And with all this experience, we can say that the best feature you can include in a guest bathroom is including the openness of architectural glass.

Customized architectural glass around the shower or tub adds a touch of brilliance to any style bath. From modern to classic, the glass allows your design to show through, while the sleek lines of the glass showcase elegance, opening the space to appear larger and more refined. Most importantly, the easy to clean glass immediately expresses pristine spotlessness and a sense of “new” and “unused,” greeting each guest with a new safe space to compose themselves on their travels.

Curtains can crowd a space, while harboring molds and germs. Glassless showers and tubs leave many people feeling cold and exposed, as well as many floors wet. Call us today to learn more about how frameless glass can transform your guest bathroom into the oasis your guests deserve