Tub Doors

Sliding glass bathtub doors create an open spatial design, while enclosing your bathing space. Unlike curtains which block light and disrupt the visual flow of a bathroom, sliding glass bathtub doors are a sleek modern design option for any bathroom. These elegant doors can be customized to your individual bathroom, incorporating the lighting, airflow, and elemental lines into a masterpiece of architectural glass.

Frameless sliding bathtub doors are designed with a metallic slide-bar on top and with panels of glass appearing to hover in front of the bathtub space, giving your bathroom an open flow design with a strong modern feel. Handles can be added or hidden to best match your existing bathroom, while the glass can be cut floor-to-ceiling or leaving a gap of space, depending upon the air flow and ventilation needs of the room. Sliding roll bars at the top of the glass can be accentuated, with larger roll wheels and lines, or minimized with more subtle bars.

Framed sliding glass doors integrate the bold shapes, literally framing your bathing space like a photograph of clean perfection. The frames can hide the roll components of the glass, minimizing the visual disruption toward the top of the glass panels.

The glass is tempered for strength and durability and the stainless-steel hardware provides practically maintenance-free operation with quality, smooth gliding for years. Easy to clean, the glass can sparkle and truly showcase the brilliance of the open space.

The ultimate in contemporary design, the sliding bathtub door will be customized to your individual bathtub, complementing the natural lines with your choice of hardware and glass. The glass is available with polished edges, in a variety of textures, with tints, and privacy options, if a more private bathing experience is preferred.

Sliding bathtub doors can be added on one, two, or three sides of a bathtub, containing splashing water during the cleaner moments of your morning. The simple elegance of the architectural glass allows light to shine in for a more natural bathing experience.

To see a rendering of how sliding bathtub doors will look in your bathroom, call us today and we’ll review all the options and make a customized design to enhance your space with modern elegance.

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