Office Enclosures

Glass office walls and doors give a modern, open, professional design to any office. By replacing traditional walls and opening up the space, your office can maximize natural light and boost productivity by creating a team-inclusive space, while still maximizing the sound-dampening appeal of walled enclosures.

As each office is different, so must be the design for the glass walls. This fully-customize office solution can be visually modern, professional, or even complimentary to a more rustic, home-style.

Frameless architectural glass walls and doors minimize the visual interruptions, while either lessening the hardware hinges and handles, or using them as complimentary accents to the existing design of the space. The doors can be sliding, with hardware on top suspending the panels, or hinged to swing open one or two directions with ease.

Framed glass walls and doors use bold visual lines between each panel and door to create a unique design that works with the design flow of the full office space. These hard lines produce a more defined space, while still allowing the natural light to flow between partitioned rooms.

If more privacy is desired, the glass panels can include a color, texture, or design. Fogged lines and shapes can allow light through, while still guarding private conversations and encounters from the other offices. Logos and text can even be added for a customized and professional look.

The glass is tempered for strength and durability, is easy to clean, and can have a lock incorporated into the door to prevent unwanted entry. American Frameless uses only the best quality hardware, for smooth and silent closures and slides.

To see a rendering of how glass walls and doors can change the look of your office space, call us today and we’ll review all the options and make a customized design to enhance your space with modern elegance.

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