Framed Enclosures

There is nothing more elegant or exciting for a true collector than showcasing a prized collection behind architectural glass. With the addition of stunning glass, you can enjoy your assorted prizes, while still feeling comforted that it is protected from fluctuation in temperature, dust and debris, and prying hands. The glass doors and walls are designed to showcase your wine, artifacts, manuscripts, or cultivated memorabilia, with crisp lines and open flow. They act as a glass frame around your collection, giving you the ability to look into the space, without disturbing it.

Wine and cigar rooms do not need to be hidden in a dark basement away from the world. Prized collections should be showcased, with architectural glass doors and walls. The glass walls allow you to enjoy your acquisitions, while protecting it from the elements, with sealing methods and thick glass that allows you to utilize temperature control and humidity control devices with confidence.

A common feature of wine rooms and rooms that showcase collections are organization and cleanliness. The luster of architectural glass enhances this purity by highlighting an open spatial design, while keeping the space secure. Unlike walls which block the items from view, and which make the viewing and gathering experience less appealing, framed glass walls bring everything into your daily life, allowing you to enjoy the visual benefits of your wine, cigars, or collectibles daily.

Framed glass walls are sleek and elegant, often hiding hinges and structural components of the doors and walls.
The glass is tempered for strength and durability, is easy to clean, and can have a lock incorporated into the door to prevent unwanted entry.

To see a rendering of how framed glass walls and doors can protect your prized collection, while opening it for daily view, call us today and we’ll review all the options and make a customized design to enhance your space with modern elegance.

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