Architectural Glass Fences Enhance The Beauty Of Your Property

November 19, 2019
Architectural Glass Fences

The best yards are designed to become the owner’s personal oasis: carefully selected landscaping, hedges to bring privacy from neighbors, the cool ripples of pool waters, and a view spanning the magnificent surrounding landscapes and seascapes. Nowhere in this vision of perfection is there a view-obstructing fence, yet most homes have needs for fencing and enclosure. Moreover, to stay compliant with Connecticut law, any property with a pool must have a 4-foot (48 inch) fence.

Thankfully there is a way to preserve the flawless beauty of your property without putting yourself at risk. Consider the simplicity of Glass Fencing. Glass Fencing offers the legal and practical protection of fencing without detracting from the view. The glass is tough and tempered, designed to withstand abuse of the elements, accidental hits during lawn maintenance, temperature fluctuation, and human error. Backed by our own American Frameless craftsman warranty, we will ensure the fence will last for years to come. It is easily cleaned with soap and water and is strong enough to support a glass gate entry, for a seamless look and ease of access.

Glass fencing can be installed with concealed supports, bottom supports, and steel post supports.

Fencing with concealed supports appears as if the glass panels are floating in place. They are not connected, leaving a small to medium gap between each panel. This is achieved by burying the supports well below the ground level and surrounding the glass with the stone, glass, rock, brick, or slate of the surrounding terrain.

Bottom support fencing has short metal posts anchored into the ground below, holding up the glass panels. These metal anchors are placed on each panel’s end, or every few feet to create a visually-pleasing pattern at the base of the fence. When installed along an existing rock wall or ledge, a strong, thin base line of metal can be used instead, connecting the panels to the existing structure with a simple linear design.

Glass fences with steel posts structurally resemble traditional fencing, with the posts connected to the ground as supports, and the glass held up on the sides by the posts. This design has the most visible interruptions, but allows for practical additions of a top rail, if the fence will be leaned on to enjoy the view.

No matter which support option you choose, glass fences have many additional benefits:

  • They can make the yard look bigger by eliminating a defined boundary
  • Glass fencing increases property value
  • It offers an unobstructed view
  • The fence’s layout and design is easily customized to match any landscape design needs
  • The glass is durable against temperature fluctuation and weather
  • It is resistant to chlorine damage, unlike traditional wood and vinyl fences

Glass fences are also a great way to protect your property from intruders while still retaining an open feel. Some houses are meant to be shown, not hidden behind a dark wall. With flexibility in height, you can surround your full property with high protective glass, retaining the benefit of a high fence to keep out trespassers and keep in children and pets.

Frosted or colored fence panels can add an extra design element to the glass fence, by seamlessly blocking unpleasant views, such as the neighbor’s house, while opening views to the picturesque areas of the yard and surrounding landscape. Frosted panels can also section off an area to semi-privacy, such as a hot tub or changing area where seclusion is preferred.

If you would like to know more about how a glass fence can enhance the natural beauty of your property, call American Frameless today. We will work with you to create a customized fence that brings out the best in your yard, while offering you the practical safety and convenience of fencing.